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For Primedia Outdoor, South Africa

Great example of a quick interactive campaign with content reacting to the audience

In 2019, in cooperation with Quividi our team delivered a smart interactve campaign for Primedia Outdoor, South Africa. Our customer wanted to create an attraction point reinforce the innovative image of the company at their key annual event - South African Council of Shopping Centres expo.

We used our experience with similar projects and unique capabilities of Quividi Audience Measurement Platform to create an interactive campaign tailored to customer requirements.

The interactive scenario allowed to offer visitors a choice of drinks, which they could confirm smiling to a chosen option. Then, a message tailored to the visitor's demographics invited them pick up their drink at the counter.

The solution also allowed to analyse the performance of the campaign with high granularity - to understand visitors' conversion and engagement split by time and demographics.

If this sounds like something you would like to try -

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