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Touchless interfaces

  • Minimise physical interaction with your digital content using presence and gesture detection.

  • Tailor your content to your specific demographic profiles, in real time.

  • Embedded in your existing device or a small all-in-one sensor.

  • Presence, attention, distance, age, gender, and mood.

  • Powerful customisable online dashboards showing audience statistics and content performance.

  • Choose from quick templates or custom development.

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Interactive content increases customer engagement and, ultimately, sales.
Content that speaks your language leaves lasting impression.
You can make your content adapt to customer demographics and respond to their reactions,
all in real time and from distance, without touching any surfaces.


We use a variety of hardware, software and some creativity to create seamless and touchless interactive experiences.

  • Common and specialised cameras.

  • Hand tracking sensors.

  • Audience measurement software.

  • Deep learning models.

  • Creative integration.

Touchless interfaces - control content and systems with your hand
Touchless interfaces and interactive content - detect demographics, measure distance, react to face expressions, gestures and actions
  • Presence: number of people.

  • Demographics: age, gender.

  • Mood: smiling, frowning.

  • Behaviour: distance, motion, attention.

  • Gestures: head nodding/shaking, hand waving or swiping, virtual touch.

  • Actions: jumping, ducking or dodging.


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