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For APN Outdoor and Porsche, led by Deep Recognition (previously Digital Experiences), Australia, 2015

Sophisticated advertising campaign using car make, model and colour recognition to target potential buyers

In 2014-2015 our team worked together with Deep Recognition (then Digital Experiences) on another state of the art advertising campaign based on real-time car make and model recognition.

In partnership with APN Outdoor and TechMedia, this campaign was delivered in just few weeks to allow real-time detection of vehicles in the same class as the new Lexus NX and targeting them with tailored messages offering a 'cross-over' to the Lexus car.

The technology allowed real-time anonymous classification of cars by make, model, year range, colour, size, speed and direction. No licence plate recognition was used. Older models  of the same class, but competing brands, were targeted as the most appealing audience.

This technology has since been productised by Deep Recognition, used in multiple projects around the world and is commercially available.

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