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SenseTime Body Temperature detection camera

  • Detect people with fever

  • In real time, from safe distance

  • Quick and accurate fever detection

  • No calibration required

  • Mobile unit for easy installation

Fever detection camera
  • Fever, or increased body temperature, is one of the early symptoms of many infections, including the most recent and disruptive COVID-19.

  • Body temperature measurement is one of the most effective ways of early infection detection.

  • Automatic body temperature measurement at the entrance may help prevent a major disruption to your business.

Fever detection - speed gate demo


  • AI actively tracks the face and forehead area (110592 points) and measures the highest temperature.

  • No requirement for an external 'black body' - the calibration is performed by the AI.

  • High accuracy in the range of ±0.3℃.

  • Quick measurement - less than 1 second for one person.

  • Measurement distance - 0.5 - 2m.

  • Easy installation at a speed gate or as a standalone device.

  • The solution is also able to detect if people are wearing masks.


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